The project spirit

Believe in a paradise that you thought is lost.

Dream of a place that sand stretches as far as the eye can see, With the sea for single companion.  Have peaceful dives in translucent water, with dolphins that play around your boat. Dream of a simple life that nothing is missing, and of a refuge where only the sweet song of the birds cradles the silence. Dream that you ride a horse on the beach, with the breeze that caresses your face and the sweet eddy of the waves that cradles your walk.

Dream of authentic flavors of the soil and the sea, and of a human warmth which seems that of a forgotten epoch.

Discover, now, that your dream is reality and that you don’t have to cross half the globe to arrive. Discover Comporta, the last secret that remains to be awakened.

Moodboard Resort


The word of the architect

To create The Reserve , we gathered all the architectural elements appropriate to the region. The idea was to keep the unique character of the place.

White and blue buildings which remind the village of Comporta, houses in the white walls and thatched roof, landscaped gardens with a pond and a brazier… Everything was thought to make of this place a serene and different place.

The word of the decorator

Comporta rhyme with simplicity and complexity. The style of Comporta appropriate for it, It is bohemian at the same time and sophisticated. To decorate apartments and houses, we shall use the materials of the region, in a traditional way or reinterpreted.

The word of the landscaper

Gardens occupy a dominating place in Comporta. The limit between inside and outside is infirm. The day, we take advantage of a swimming pool refreshing, in the evening, we’ll meet there in the light of candles to have dinner.

The gardens of The Reserve will be sanded up, with a native vegetation, intense aromas and serene colors where we walk barefoot on narrow wooden pavements.